The Other Side of Shouting Men
These drawings were made for the exhibition The Face of Another and The Other Side of Shouting Men, at Alsager Arts Centre, MMU, as part of their programme, Curating Knowledge.

The drawings are a way of thinking through the work for exhibition, both in terms of mapping out installation ideas and also surfacing and playing with key references and connections.

Concise Chambers
These drawings are from a set of 26 made by writing-out all the words listed under each letter in the Chambers Concise English Dictionary, on top of themselves, such that the text becomes a dense and ‘scab-like’ drawing.

In the Name of Love
These drawings have been made in the context of a site-based project developed by the art & architecture group, ‘taking place’ for the new maternity unit at Homerton University Hospital in East London. The drawings connect the name of the mother with her new born child, through a series of echoing lines, each one representing a minute of time that the mother spent in labour. The works are being produced on paper, and on sheet copper, and will be installed in the delivery suite at Homerton University Hospital in late 2010.
More info see www.takingplace.org.uk

This drawing overlays all the drawings made by Botticelli of the Purgatorio section from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’.

San Servolo Drawings
Made while on residency at San Servolo island in Venice, these drawings are from a set of 9, each of which is based around the name of a man who was a patient in the psychiatric hospital formerly located on the island. All these men died while in the hospital in 1900. The drawings are made by drawing lines that follow the shape of each name, and subsequently the shape of each preceding line. Each line represents a week of time that the man spent in the hospital before he died.