Isola:Incontro 2008

This videowork and drawing was made while on residency at San Servolo island in Venice, Summer 2007. The residency was hosted by San Servolo Servizi and curated by Marco Ferraris.
San Servolo was the Veneto region (male) psychiatric hopsital for over 200 years until it was closed in the late 1970s. Currently the hospital buildings now house a small museum, the hospital archives and are home to Venice International University.
When in use as a hospital patients and visitors would all enter the island through a large ornate gate directly from the lagoon, which is now permanently locked.

In this work, the artist did a durational ‘performance to camera’ in which she traced the changing shadow of the sun as it shone through this gate for five hours over the course of an afternoon, using charcoal on primed canvas.

The work comprises of a 110 min video piece made from this recorded material, and the resulting drawing (750cms x 400cms).   

Video Extract