A Jealousy 2005

A Jealousy usesAlain Robbe-Grillet’s 1957 novel ‘Jealousy’ (English translation from French) as its source. ‘La Jalousie’ was one of the more famous works of the ‘nouveau roman’ movement and was known for its play with narrative time, and the obsessive, intense and scrutinising nature of its narration. Written entirely in the present tense, and with subtle repetitions of scenes and incidents, it is a frightening depiction of a man’s delusional imagination and his controlling and accusatory gaze.

The artwork was made by writing-out, over and over themselves, all the lines of the novel in which the narrator describes watching his wife, only ever named as ‘A….’.
The lines are written out according to where they appear on the page of the book, resulting in a drawing of 32 lines of varying densities and with two ‘panes’, which has the look of a window covered in blinds. In French the title Jalousie is a pun, as the word means both ‘jealousy’ and ‘Venetian blinds’.
As the artist writes out the lines on paper she also records herself reading them aloud, at the speed at which she writes. Following this she does a second drawing (without the sound recording) using the same procedure but engraved directly into a sheet of 10mm glass.

The work comprises of two drawings, one on paper and one on glass (each 80x60 cms), plus the sound recording. It is shown in different configurations depending on the exhibition space.

Sound Extract