In Place of the Page, 2005

Collaborative project with Brigid Mc Leer and architectural theorist, Katie Lloyd Thomas.

In Place of the Page was a cross-disciplinary project that ran between 2000 and 2004 in various forms. It was concerned with exploring relationships between real and imagined ideas of ‘place’ and in particular looking at how writing, visual form, and digital media/space might be brought together to reflect on our experiences of place, both ‘virtual’ and ‘real’.

The project began as an email exchange between the artist and 10 other invited participants. The email exchange lasted for 8 months and the participants were a range of artists, writers, designers, architects and web-authors: Sergio Bessa, cris cheek, Julie Harrison, Kirsten Lavers, Kevin Mount, Shane Murphy, Patricia Potter, Jane Rendell, Sue Thomas & Gregg Whelan.

During this period and subsequently, the artist ‘translated’ the emails into a series of visual texts, or ‘textplans’ as they became known.

In the second phase of the project these were then given to architect, Katie Lloyd Thomas, who was asked to interpret them as if they were architectural drawings/plans. This initiated a further phase of the project, during which time it was shown in a number of gallery contexts, archived online and explored discursively through conference and published papers.

The material shown here gives a small flavour of the work.  A more comprehensive web-archive of this project will be online in due course.