What is this Figure of the Other in Me?’ 2014/2015 (work-in-progress)

This new photographic based work does not begin with a specific site, but rather a desire to take the oval track used in ‘One + One’ out into public city streets, and use it again as a means for taking still photographs of passers-by.

This first set of images – of which there are many more than the examples shown here – were taken on one summer’s day in Regent Street, London.

The track is used to run a camera dolly along, and the camera focus and shutter speed set. As people walk by, the artist follows them with the camera running along the track and swivelling on the tripod pivot. As the photos are taken using a cable release, the artist is able to engage people directly, creating an exchange of gazes between the artist and the passer-by, and then subsequently between the ‘subject’ of the photograph and the spectator.

Further photo shoots using the same procedure in different sites are intended.

The work is still in progress and its potential formats are variable. It exists currently as a set of still digital images and a time-based sequence in which the images fade in and out of each other.

A version of this sequence was shown as a free-standing projection at the exhibition ‘Why Would I Lie?’, as part of the RCA Research Biennial 2015.