The Winners 2011

The Winners was made specifically in response to the site and context of the Lewis Gallery, based as it is, in the grounds of Rugby School, the famous public school at which the game of Rugby was first established.

The exhibition was a two-person show with artist Jane Ball, under the title ‘A Game of Two Halves’

The work was made with the kind participation of the team members of Rugby school’s First XV team (schoolboys aged 16 – 18). The team members were filmed immediately after finishing a match (which they won). Each boy was asked to look directly into the camera for 1 minute, and to say nothing, except to state their name.

The work is shown as a 15 screen video installation, with all the videos showing as a loop. Players and leads etc. remain visible and heighten the sense of connectedness between the players, while each video demarcates their separate identities.